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Hiatus; new url - seiraa


Hi guys, this is me again. As you can see in that post, I made a new account and blog - seiraa. As I said before, there’s no point in asking me why I did this, because I did it without any logical reason.

Since using two accounts on tumblr sucks and I don’t really feel like blogging here anymore, this blog is now officially on hiatus. Maybe I’ll post something from time to time, but generally this is the end.

(I changed the theme for the one that was supposed to be on seiraa, but I changed my mind. So, here it is, with seiraa’s watermark because I’m too lazy to change it.)

The askbox is still open, but I’ll only check it from time to time, so if you want me to see your message immediately, then it’s better if you send it to my new account.

I want to thank you, my precious followers, for being here. Even if we’ve never talked to each other, I still appreciate you following me :3 I love you all. If you want to, follow my new blog~

Thank you for reading my rambling >.<


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